1. Dirty Costumes for the Bedroom

    Halloween is not fun just for kids, as it is a time when adults are also allowed to have fun and dress up. It’s a time to let loose and forget the daily grind and hardship, it’s a time when you can be what you always dreamed of being.  The greatest creative tools that are at your disposal so you can become anything and anyone are Halloween costumes. The greatest bedroom tools are sexy Halloween costumes.

    However, Halloween costumes don’t have to be worn only for Halloween as they can be a great way to improve your love life. A little role playing can do wonders to put the spark back in your bedroom activities, and what’s role play without sexy costumes. Of course, you could always try and take it one step further, and take it out of the bedroom.

    There are many sexy costumes to choose from, depending on your tastes, but some classics include the hot French maid, which seems to be every red-blooded male’s fantasy, or a sexy female cop, ready to handcuff your man to the bed, and of course the highly prized and desired Playboy bunny. Some other nice ideas include naughty nurse sexy costumes, a seductive “innocent” schoolgirl, an evil vampire seductress or, you could always don the leather and be the harsh dominatrix.

    You can add all sorts of accessories to spice up an otherwise drab outfit if you are not sure whether you should be out buying sexy costumes. Some vital accessories include feathers, gloves, garters, whips, chokers, hats, and of course handcuffs.

    The Playboy bunny is one of the most popular sexy costumes and men love it. You can wear a black bodysuit with short shorts or a short black dress, a pair of pink or black bunny ears, pink fur, black garters, pink knee highs and matching lip-gloss, black boots, and glittery eyes.

    Another popular sexy Halloween costume is the red hot sexy devil. You will need a pair of red shorts or mini skirt, black garter belts, black boots, red fishnet stockings, devil horns, red garters and elbow length gloves, pitch fork, smoky eye makeup, tail and bodacious red lips, we’re sure your man will not be leaving your side anytime soon. Well, side, top, bottom …

    Gents, you can also join in the fun, and get your woman hot and bothered by playing the bad boy you all know she really loves. One great idea for male sexy costumes is the fallen angel which includes a chain belt, black pants, fake tattoo on your chest, if your’s is real then all the better, a pair of black angel wings, work boots and a black button down shirt left partially open to show off those pecs. Yes, it will definitely be a crowd pleaser, for a crowd of one of course. However, be prepared to be holed up in the bedroom for quite a while though.

    If you prefer to avoid the wings then a construction worker is always a winner with the mandatory work boots, torn jeans, tool belt, hard hat, muscle shirt or no shirt, messed up hair and a little sweat to get the pheromones going - note that this doesn’t mean you’re not supposed to wash for three days before - you should be one happy worker when the lady of the house gets a look at you.

    Sexy costumes can definitely turn your love life around completely and if it was already great, then why not take it to another level.

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